Life and Outings

December 21. Really?

Where oh where is December racing off to?

Like everyone else I seem to be madly dashing around trying to finish Christmas shopping and Christmas crafting.

This month really has taught me how to let go of some things I would normally get done and use the season to relax a bit more.

Things I let go this year:

  • handmade decorations for the house
  • a dinner party at our place with both families
  • Christmas cards
  • baking
  • large amounts of Christmas shopping

I have manged or will manage to do a few things though:

  • friends over for a finger food night (done)
  • handmade decorations and food for the extended family (underway)
  • putting the decorations up (done)
  • And the most important of all…

Enjoying Christmas day with the family!

We can’ t be superwomen all the time and somtimes it’s nice for life to intervene in your daily routine and allow you to realise that while it’s not ‘the same’ as you’d normally do it, most people won’t notice and you’ll still have a lovely Christmas!


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