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Project Life – week 35

I completed my first project life spread last week and I'm so pleased with it.

The process of getting there was somewhat amusing;

  • I messed up the resolution on a couple of them and they had to be reprinted.
  • I enthusiastically sliced through my 6×4 prints which had two 3×4's on them, not realising I was slicing through some full sized photos
  • I used my corner rounder to chop the corners off to match the card inserts… but my corner cutter is blunt, and unreliable so I reprinted all photos and left the corners on!*

I tried not to over think this layout and just threw it in. I have matchy, matchy, and symmetrical tendencies, but these have been the downfall of many a hobby, so I'm trying hard to just do and not think. I think I did relatively well!



The only thing I'm not happy with is my handwriting. I don't have pretty writing, I don't have nice print either.. I do want my album to look personal though, not completely digital. I love digital design and would love the result, but I think the final touches by hand make it more 'mine'.


I'm looking forward to completing each week, and may start working backwards to complete the whole year, although combined with my other hobbies, and a two year old who's staying up until ten each night, I'm not sure it's viable!


*I've since ordered the BH corner cutter, so all will be good in the not so distant future!



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