Remember Veg About?

To tell the truth, I lost interest in Veg About when we had all that hot weather, plants were stunted, most of mine already gone to seed and overall our veggies just weren’t very successful.

But in the last few weeks interesting things have happened:


The veggie garden is revived! Look at all the green! Please ignore the weeds!


We have baby capsicum! We planted these in September and I’m amazed that 6 months later they finally flowered and have fruit!


Remember the cucumbers I started growing from seed in December? We have at least 5 full size cucumbers to pick and lots of little ones on the way!


Would you believe the peas are back? They’re growing from the ones that died off in December.


Baby lettuce! Before we ripped out the 3 foot high lettuce’s we shook them to drop seeds everywhere. We now have baby lettuce!


The parsley has gone nuts!


Six months later and the spring onions are ready… clearly we did something wrong here!


Cinders thinks the newly grown weeds grass is much better than the brown hay we had several months ago.

Overall I’m really excited about our garden, most things that looked dead have come back with the exception of an azalea. Our borage plant which died down before Christmas has self seeded and there are mini borages everywhere. My herbs look like they’re beginning to die down for winter, but lasted amazingly well throughout the summer. For most of the time the only water the garden got was shower and washing machine water – it can be done!


  1. essie

    April 5, 2009 at 5:42 pm

    look at that! you are going to be able to eat delicious things from your own garden! *omnomnom* :)
    sajee did some planting today, but i think it was mostly flowers. i hope they thrive the way your garden has!

  2. Joanne

    April 8, 2009 at 8:55 am

    Yay vegies! We have just had our first capsicum flower too. I haven’t forgotten Veg About, just haven’t got a post together in ages.
    Enjoy your yummy homegrown stuff.

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