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Reproduction fabrics

It’s been a very unproductive week here. All three of us were struck down with a bad cold that we’re still trying to get over and we had some sad news. As a result I haven’t completed projects that needed completing by this weekend, edited photos for some completed projects or blogged for almost two weeks. This doesn’t matter though, there’s always next week to play catch up.

I was going to join in with Sunday Stash today but I can’t find much evidence of it still existing. Instead I’ll just share some photos of reproduction 1930’s fabrics that I’m collecting for a special project for Elijah.


march 165 march 162

march 158 march 160

These are 2.5 inch squares. When I have enough I’ll be making Elijah an ‘I Spy’ quilt for his cot. I just love all of the tiny animals.

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  1. Sandra (Cherry Heart)

    April 15, 2012 at 8:17 am

    Beautiful fabrics! Sorry to hear you had sad news though. ((((Virtual hugs))))

    S x

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