Stunning Sunday

I’m back! Phew, what a week! As my fellow Melbournian’s will know, we’ve had such a terrible heat wave. A heat wave in which we could not get the temperature in our home below 35 degrees Celcius (with the air-con going!). Needless to say I ended up rather grumpy and spent a lot of time wandering aimlessly around shopping centres, not sleeping and bemoaning the fact that I couldn’t do anything. Then yesterday, once we were finally spared the heat, my body decided I hadn’t suffered quite enough and broke out in hives. Wonderful!

So today is Stunning Sunday, well, the garden isn’t looking all that stunning at present; Singed Sunday would be a more appropriate description. The roses in the photo decided to come out on Wednesday. By Wednesday night they were dry but still retained their scent and colour. I bought them inside and have been enjoying them ever since.

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  1. Hoppo Bumpo

    February 1, 2009 at 7:03 pm

    They look very pretty. My roses are all a very sad shade of brown!

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