We interrupt the usual format of this blog…

To bring you water.

Water is a topic constantly on the lips of those of us in Victoria trying to keep our gardens going. Most of us have some sort of water saving system in place whether it be the grey water, tanks or a bin!

Due to the distinct lack of rain, Hubby and I grew concerned that our tank was getting very low and the daily shower water no longer cutting it. We decided to head to Bunnings for a second bucket and for a grand total of $20 are now yielding an extra 20-50 litres per day. Here’s what we did:

Black rubbish bin- $10. Drain you washing machine straight into it. Our most water efficient cycle of the front loader is still yielding 30L per wash.

White tub/bucket- $10. Put this in your shower and stand in it. Since getting this bucket a very minimal amount of water goes down the drain, whereas our previous bucket only caught a few litres.

I’m sure there’s lots of great ideas out there for saving water; I’d love to hear what you do!

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