Mini succulent gardens


Many years ago I had a wonderful succulent collection potted up in sweet little pots, and dressed in coloured stones. Years later most of those succulents are still surviving in a rather overgrown state at my parents’ house. They were always intended to make it to this house when I moved in, but never did, and I moved in from succulents to cottage plants and vegetables. Lately I’ve been wanting a little succulent garden again, and I’ve been enjoying photos my friend Lauren has sharing of hers, so today I set about making some…


How sweet is the tricycle? It’s only a few inches tall and has a couple of tiny plants in the back.


I recently emptied a felt toadstool garden that had collected far too much dust out of this container. It’s perfect for this little garden.


This one if for Elijah. He chose the wheelbarrow and rake, most of the plants, and helped put the rocks on which was definitely his favourite part of the planting! I’m using it as a centrepiece on the outdoor setting, but he can still reach it to rake rocks, fill his wheelbarrow and empty it again. I’m anticipating a car or train might find its way in here.



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